Poetry & Songs
Nothingness at a glance; dont just stare, do nothing at least, useless nothing.

Committee of Renouned Nothings announced free courses for people who are having difficulty attaining to at least medeocre level of Nothingness. Of course the courses are not for free, a free Nothing Certificate has to cost something to be worth nothing in the best of times.

However, scholarships and loans will be available for people having talent, aptitude and ambition. Only people over eighty years of age need apply as frequently time alone brings about the desired results. thanks, president in immanence, Bill Anhang.

Pee Ess.....The purpose of a good religion is not to Idolize God nor someOne in His Stead.

Man finds true Truth in finding an Accomplished Idol that's best for the job in that time and place... a sort of Unity in Diversity; namely the land of Canada, and for starts, Bill Anhang, born in Poland has Canada's birthday same as his own.

A bushel and a peck and a flight of geese around your neck...

When Anhang was recently approached by the Committee of Unknown, his response was that he had been considering increasing his investment in Nothingness, but was deterred when confronted by the immense variety of Nothings that existed already and that he would be overtaken before he'd even gotten along the way….
A new Olympic medal for this type of thing, not to mention the prospect of a Nobel Prize being initiated as well….

Several eminent Nothings have recently met in secret to discuss whether Nothing is Infinite. It has been decided that for the time being there is enough Nothingness that Infinity stands little chance of being exhausted, Fear not, your Certificate of Nothingness will be worth as much in the future as it was worth in the past…..briefly, its worth what its worth to you alone…like Art, each is an Individual achievement worth what you get for it, and not a penny less nor more. Part time or full-time, there is no degradation simply because it is yours.

© William Anhang 2013