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  "Abandoning electrical engineering in 1975, Anhang has been reinventing himself in his own art world image ever since. A series of painted vest-like garments complete with light assemblage elements are designed to be worn as portable performance art costumes. They rekindle docile memories of fairy tales, Lord of the Rings and Star Trek scenarios. A wall of painted enamel switch plates personalizes the show, in a craft-like way. They are pitiful and beautiful."
Quotes: J. Grande © 2003, Art Papers, Montreal  
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Light Switch Plates
Art Brut Toronto Canada
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Corner Art
"Anhang's mirror art pieces, placed where the spiders hang out and walls meet (in corners) are primitive tributes in word and image to the Whitney Museum (1978-80), a spaceman (1978-80) and Kennedy (1978-80), sensitively rendered."
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