William Anhang

"The Demographic History of the Canadian People (1999)
is a huge painting that, like most of the painted works in the show
was done in collaboration with painter Arnold Glen Luckock."

Art Brut Toronto

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 "The map is replete with mixed and merging images of Innu, seals, masted ships,
airplanes, settlers, explorers, a polar bear, cannons, blacks, natives, early colonists,
a mill wheel and ice floes. Different dimensions, painted words, images in all sizes,
fit together under the rubric of a map of Canada."

light emitting diodes
Last Supper - 148 kb Mov
Fleury Joseph Crepin fibre optics
PianYes - 368 kb Mov
Fakir - 228 k Mov
" Portrait paintings, all rough and iconic, squarish in shape and centred like mandalas, portray Winston Churchill, the artist's mother, the artist, Bill Gates, Colin Powell, Canada's Governor General Adrienne Clarkson, Mark Twain, and Roosevelt. Anhang expresses the eccentricities of a particular vision."
John Grande © 2003, Art Papers Montreal.
Fleury Joseph Crépin
electronic art
Fleury Joseph Crépin W. Anhang
fibre optic electronic arts
  Paul Martin
Fleury Joseph Crepin
Jean Chrétien Oprah