Anhang reenergizes Crepin's vision
Fleury Joseph Crépin
William Anhang
F. J. Crépin W. Anhang
Where there is a symbiosis, is that Anhang's work is producing an Electronic Crépin that pioneers in electrifying ART BRUT and giving it an entirely original day and night-time presence. CRÉPINS images, so static, are turned into mobiles and indeed into videos and movies!

When Montreal Artist, William Anhang, came across Crépin’s Exhibition Catalogue 2000 it resulted in devotion at first sight!
Why such an interlocking moment?

From a Spiritual point of view, it is destiny, synchronicity, charm and luck.

From a Worldly point of view, it is the geometry, symmetry and arcane mathematics of Crépin's art that bare a marked resemblance to the light emitting diode art of Anhang’s work. Until then, Anhang had been practising in solitude, but now, this recognition resulted in a camaraderie between these two explorers and portrayers of intertwined dimensions!

Even more, these works by Crépin were truly the blueprints needed to link the contemporary technology of microprocessors, light emitting diodes, fibre optics into one-continuous stream of light, magically devoted to the very ends Crépin envisioned.

By the dawn of the millennium, Crépin had invested the last ten years of his life to making an impact in the cultural/historic scene, he endevoured to tilt the balance of destructiveness to constructiveness, which contemporary science dearly needed, and still does.

Anhang, like Crépin, is a many talented individual. Born in Poland, raised on a Canadian Prairie farm, schooled as an engineer, a practising plumber, mechanic, a dimensional explorer, self made "art brut" artist, and above all, a Spiritualist to whom ASTONISHING INSIGHTS have manifested.

To Anhang, Crépin stands as the Patron Saint of the Computer Age. In the same way as Leonardo Da Vinci stood, centuries ago, as a Gateway to science, aviation, medical devices and the harnessing of inanimate energy, Crépin with his millions of coloured dots and spaces is identifiably the Patron Saint of the Computer Era.

Anhang's first transformations of Crépin's work happened in the winter of 2001.

He partook in his own works of that epoch, rotating globes, sliding globes and Leonardian twirlers. All this, somehow, fitted into the "Grand Plan"; to generating no less than a new sort of energy, sometimes called this and sometimes that, and most recently exalted as "Enriched Photon" energy.

Just prior and following September 11, 2001, the picture where Crépin stands self-portrayed in a halo of flower crosses was repeated many times with a variety of faces, as sort of a living testimonial to achievement of one sort or another. . . .

The ultimate evolution of this sequence led to the ‘Twin Tower Memorial’, and went further to ‘The Dream Orchestra’ wherein a ‘Crépin space is constructed with a full backdrop of tapestries and rotors, as a major tribute to Fleury Joseph Crépin.

Out of this work of art, mankind has been bestowed with its newest Musical Instrument: the PianYes, with Bill Anhang as the World’s First PianYes player.

Bill Anhang's motivation issues from a REALITY REDEFINING EXPERIENCE that occurred to him during a performance of Mozart's Requiem on Sept. 11, 2002 at St. Joseph's Basilica. With the sounds of the Grand Choir de Montréal, and Martin Deganais conducting, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart made a most ‘palpable but invisible’ appearance, to how many people in the audience is not known, but certainly to Bill Anhang.

In addition to our Amadeus, other illustrious ones participated in this Astonishing Spiritual Manifestation, one Agnon, Beethoven and Jesus… and out of this has emanated the effort to stage a Memorial Site on the Internet, to shatter the accepted definition of death and replace it with a Crépin Spirituality…

With Billions on the planet unquestionably ‘awaiting their reward’, there really is nothing more pressing than to alter attitudes about the nature of ‘Life It-Self’.

It is not a mere matter of ‘Resurrection’ but of realising the Foundation, House, Roof and Sky of the Human Species, if not of every living entity on the planet and in the entire universe.

What better evolution for Crépin than to move into the Tree of Life.

Is that the message behind the Crépinesque facades he presents us all through the 350 memorials, The Secret Message to take us beyond reason's tyranny?

Can we honestly enquire, "FLEURY JOSEPH, are you there?" Come forth, show yourself as Amadeus did . . . . It gets easier with use .