Illuminated Fractals
Illuminated fractals from deep within
the famous Mandelbrot Set.
This piece contains over 8,000 optic fibers!

The Mathematics of the iteration of algebraic functions has been studied for decades. However, the striking beauty and complexity of the patterns resulting from the iterative calculations have only recently been explored in detail, due in part to advances in computer graphics. B. Mandelbrot has been largely responsible for extending the theory and graphic presentation of iterated functions as a special class of the new geometry known as fractal geometry. Often fractals represent objects or patterns that appear "self-similar"; that is, no matter what scale is used to view the pattern, the magnified portion of the fractal shape looks similar to the original pattern. Computers and the Imagination Clifford A. Pickover 1991

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detail Oval Fractal Fractals
Fractals Fractals
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