Arnold (Glen) Luckock  
Glen Luckock
Long time associate of W. Anhang, Glen is the dedicated painter of the team.
A man of superlative vision and imagination, who for the last 40 years has struggled agaist the forces of order and mediocrity with a broadside from his paint laden palette and a dream of a State Art Ship.

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Collaborative works with Bill Anhang:
Demographic History of the Canadian People / Histoire demographique du peuple canadien
A major work that took a year to create and contains over 400 illustrations that blend and weave to create a visual tapestry of the nation.

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Acrylic on Canvas, 10' x 12'
Paintings Art Brut
Clinton Vs Newt Gingrich
Acrylic on Canvas, 3' x 4'
Fantasy Baseball Game
shows a crowd out of history.
Acrylic on Canvas, 8.5 ft. by 11.5 ft.
Contains 300 portraits of famous people!